Professional Scrum Leader

500.00$ (605.00$ Incl. Taxes)

This course includes:

  • Agile Fundamentals course to gain initial knowledge of Agile
  • Scrum Master course to be able to certify as PSM I by Scrum.org
  • Product Owner course to be able to certify as PSPO I by Scrum.org
  • Lessons of 15 minutes maximum, available online to watch on your mobile, tablet or PC at your convenience
  • Money back guarantee if you don’t pass at Scrum.org on your first attempt

Co-founders Dwight and Carlos are recognised as Agile Experts in ISO/IEC JTC1 SC40 WG2 and actively participate in the standardisation of Agile in IT service management (ISO 20000).
We put all of our experience and knowledge into our training courses

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  • Guaranteed scrum.org 1st time pass or your money back
  • PSM I and PSPO I certifications
  • Concise and enjoyable 15 minute classes





As you’ll see in more detail below: our training has been created by the most highly qualified professionals in Scrum, PSM III from scrumorg (less than 1000 people at this level ) & Agile experts in ISO international standard creation


We eliminate all the unnecessary “filler” material in micro learning that we call the “Netflix format”: classes of maximum 15 minutes duration which are available for you to train at your own rhythm, when you want, on mobile, tablet or PC. No timetables. No restrictions. No start and end dates.


The best way to show that a product is a great one is by guaranteeing that what it promises, it does. We guarantee your 1st time pass at scrum.org or we’ll refund you the cost of the scrum.org exam.


Who is it aimed at?

Anyone who wants to master Scrum, differentiate themselves from other Scrum professionals, be highly qualified in the professional market but do not have much time to study and do not want to “spend their savings” on training

Do I need to have prior knowledge?

Absolutely not. We teach you everything from the beginning. There are no prerequisites and you won’t need to have any initial knowledge in Agile or Scrum

What does the course give me?

You will be prepared to pass the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) and Professional Product Owner I (PSPO I) exams from Scrum.org, the world’s most prestigious Scrum certification body

Wait… you’ll give me my money back if I fail an exam?

No small print, no strings attached. The training includes 3 courses. If you fail an exam at scrumorg we’ll refund the cost of the course. You’ll only need to send us the email that Scrum.org send you with the result of the exam, your IBAN and we will make the transfer. That’s all.

No small print, no more conditions.

And how is it possible for you to give that guarantee?

Because it almost never happens. We have tested the courses with many people of different ages and levels of study and we know that the courses are fit for purpose with more than 99% pass rate. It’s as simple as that. After all, we apply Agile and Scrum in our course production and more than 1000 students in the last few months have already proven it 😉

What is the content of the training?

The training includes more than 50 classes, with the following courses:

  • Agile Fundamentals: 18-class course to introduce you to the Agile world from a high-level but very comprehensive perspective
  • Scrum Master PSM I: 20 lessons course that ensures you obtain the certification of Scrum Master by scrum.org (PSM I)
  • Product Owner PSPO I: course of 22 classes that assures you obtain the certification of Product Owner by scrum.org (PSPO I)

In all of our courses we provide all the material needed so that you learn everything needed without having to consult anything extra:

  • Video classes
  • Notes
  • Follow-up tests
  • Simulation exams
  • Bonus revision classes covering the most common errors made by students

What is the learning methodology?

At theUncoding we teach with micro-learning. We are revolutionising Agile training across Europe and USA with our methodology of classes of no more than 15 minutes, available on mobile, tablet and/or PC that you can watch at your own pace whenever you want. No fillers. No impact on your daily life. And most importantly: you will be prepared to obtain the PSM I and PSPO I certifications

Why take theUncoding’s Professional Scrum Leader training?

Because we guarantee you will pass. theUncoding is unique in giving a guarantee that you will pass your scrumorg exam at the first attempt or your money back. Not even scrumorg and its official courses guarantee that.

  • The prestige. What training guarantees you a pass in the most difficult and prestigious Scrum exams in the world, such as the Scrum.org exams? Only us.
  • The exclusive final objective. Getting certified as PSM I and PSPO I is synonymous with high quality. Few people can say that they are certified as Scrum Master and Product Owner by scrum.org and you can get it.
  • The price. The official scrum.org courses are much more expensive and do not guarantee a pass. At theUncoding the training is of high quality, comfortable, with a pass guarantee and at a very competitive price.
  • The ratings. This is a lesson you will learn in Scrum: there is no better way to check if a product is good than asking customers. Check out our customer reviews and opinions on Linkedin, by searching for “theuncoding”. They speak for us.
  • The teachers. The training content has been entirely designed through the collaboration of co-founders Dwight Lindstrom and Carlos López. Carlos Lopez (co-founder) is PSM III at scrum.org. There are only 1000 people in the whole world who have the PSM III level at Scrum.org. Or in other words: you will receive an education designed by one of the 1000 people with the highest Scrum academic recognition in the world. theUncoding is brought to you by the best professionals, but at a lower cost

What do I receive once I’ve completed theUncoding’s Professional Scrum Leader training?

  • Diploma and certificate Scrum Master by theUncoding
  • Diploma and certificate Product Owner by theUncoding
  • Diploma and certificate Agile Fundamentals by theUncoding

Payment options?

You can pay by credit/debit card or paypal directly through our website.

What happens after buying the course?

Once you’ve purchased the course you’ll receive immediate access to the training. As simple as that. No waiting or schedules. Buy today, start today. If you have any questions you can use the live chat (bottom left) and one of our trainers will assist (always trainers, never bots 😉

Online support from qualified trainers at PSM III level (only 1000 certified at this level globally)

Co-founders Dwight and Carlos are recognised as Agile Experts in ISO/IEC JTC1 SC40 WG2 and actively participate in the standardisation of Agile in IT service management (ISO 20000).
We put all of our experience and knowledge into our training courses

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